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Have you ever imagined that technology companies will thrive at a steady pace in a crisis like the present day? It’s happening right now. Even in this pandemic situation, technology & engineering companies continue to remain in the spotlight. And… oh yes, for good reasons.

Do you want proof? Here’re them…

Amazon has announced aggressive hiring to meet the surging customer demand and there has been a tremendous increase in the use of messaging apps, video-calling services, remote work tools, etc. The Internet being the sole and effective window to the outside world in this locked down/quarantine situation, the demand for e-commerce and e-learning tools are booming up. Cloud computing has become a great hero in this Covid-19 crisis has induced more online activities including work from home. Microsoft is experiencing a surge in demand for its cloud services now. All these are definitely benefitting the tech giants.

Is Crisis a Golden Hour?

Many big technology companies are hoping to come out stronger after this predicament. But, that’s not the whole story. These companies around the world are the crucial players in the COVID response process.

The European Commission has called for innovative startups and small businesses to apply for fast-track EU funding for developing technologies to battle the COVID-19 eruption. This urgent call will motivate and fund tech companies to build solutions that could help the treatment, testing, monitoring, or other aspects of the coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s have a look at some of the most appealing initiatives that organizations are doing as a response to the Covid-19 crisis.

1. Emergency ventilators

Dr Rhys Thomas, a senior consultant in Wales, has designed a Covid Emergency Ventilator that purifies the air in the room as well. It is manufactured by engineering company CR Clark & Co in Ammanford, UK.

2. A tracker to find the virus spread

Microsoft has unveiled a live dashboard to track the COVID-19 outbreak by aggregating data from trusted sources. The dashboard gives localized information and is very mobile-friendly.

3. AI-powered detection to discover the virus in seconds

4. Contact-free, continuous monitoring systems

5. Google’s free coronavirus test site

6. COVID Symptom Tracker

7. Coronavirus Self-Checker Bot

They can self-assess the symptoms of Covid-19 and will get suggestions regarding the next course of action to be taken. The process helps in freeing up devices by preventing unnecessary tests.

In a similar line, Apollo Hospitals, India’s largest integrated healthcare chain, has rolled out an AI-based Coronavirus Risk Scan. The self-assessment app and website will guide users about the potential coronavirus risk through simple interactive questions. Based on the risk level, people are guided to contact certified help centers.

8. RPA to automate critical tasks

Krayon responded to Macabi’s request to find a sustainable solution to integrate detailed Health Ministry files with confidential coronavirus test results into its system. Under the tremendous pressure of increased Covid-19 tests being performed, they were unable to handle manual uploading of files. The RPA-based solution has successfully automated critical tasks enabling the health provider to keep up with integrating the growing number of test results.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of instances where technology companies and corporates are going above and beyond their call of duty to support the public in their battle against the pandemic.

We can see helpers amid any scary scenarios. Many firms are donating their proceeds to charities and giving their services for free. It’s really delightful to see that technology and engineering firms using their skills to give back to their communities during this emergency.

Originally published at https://www.bridge-global.com on April 28, 2020.

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