Top Tips To Secure Your Home Wireless Network

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We all have internet connectivity and Wi-Fi at our homes, but we are not aware of securing it from misuse by outsiders. We may think that our Wi-Fi is safe and is not used by others. But actually, if your neighbour has good technical knowledge, he may access your Wi-Fi internet. Here, I would like to introduce some simple steps to make your Wi-Fi safe from unauthorized access.

1. Make a complicated router password

If the password is complicated, the chances of unauthorized access will be less. Don’t use simple passwords (123456, abcd,…). Passwords must include capital letters, small letters, special characters, and numbers. Password must not be the same with your name, house name or name related to your family members (attackers first go through these ways for password hacking). The router password should not be the same as your Wi-Fi password. When you get a new router there is always a default password. Please don’t go with that default password.

2. Change Wi-Fi password frequently

Always change your Wi-Fi password on a regular basis. This practice will help in maintaining your Wi-Fi protected. You have to note a calendar date for the proper Wi-Fi password changing.

3. Say “NO” to outsiders

We have to improve this practice in our day to day life. Always say “No” to outsiders to access your Wi-Fi. Commercial visitors shouldn’t need to access your Wi-Fi for their works. Avoid this type of practices.

4. Adjust range

Always remember to adjust your Wi-Fi range. There is no need of getting a range in your neighbour’s house. We have to limit the range in our own home surroundings. The best place to set your Wi-Fi device is the centre of your house. It decreases the possibility of Wi-Fi access from outside.

5. Change network name

Always change your Wi-Fi name on a monthly basis. It will confuse the outsiders whether this one is a proper one or not. Also, remember to set up your Wi-Fi in your devices in each time. Devices do not reconnect to the new name that we’ve already changed.

6. Hide the network

There is also an option for hiding our network from others. This will help in avoiding attack from outsiders. Also please note that when you buy a new device (mobile…etc.), you can’t connect it to the hidden network. At that time you have to turn on the SSID broadcast to see the network for device connection. After that, you have to turn off the SSID broadcast.

7. Turn off Wi-Fi

If you are going outside for a trip or any other functions, keep your Wi-Fi off. These are the times where outsiders want your Wi-Fi more for movie downloading and other stuff. So make sure to turn off your Wi-Fi during travel or extended periods of non-use.


If you feel that securing your home network is of crucial importance, these steps can be really useful. The above-discussed tips are sure to help even a non-tech savvy person in safeguarding their personal data.

Originally published at on July 4, 2019.

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