Top 5 High-Performing Backend Frameworks in 2021–22

Backend vs Frontend Development

Do All Web Apps Need a Backend?

What Is a Backend Framework?

Top 5 Backend Frameworks for Web Development

1. Node.js

2. Python

3. Kotlin

4. Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails emphasizes the principles of No Repetition (DRY) and the Configuration Convention (CoC)
  • RoR implements the MVC architecture or the Model-View-Controller architecture
  • RoR backend framework simplifies the process of modifying an existing code
  • RoR community collaborates diligently to identify and fix new vulnerabilities
  • The codes written in RoR are crisp, clear and consistent
  • RoR backend framework is one of the most time-efficient programming languages available.
  • Comes with a large community of developers
  • Hence, if developers face problems, they have a large group for support
  • Developers can reuse code to a greater extent which in turn reduces the time required for a web application.
  • This backend framework works in Model-View-Control-Format. This means that it is easier to separate the business logic from other application parts.
  • The encoding process in RoR is self-describing and easily comprehensible. Therefore, new developers do not need extra documentation to begin a new project.
  • Developers can create a prototype of the future website at a faster rate.
  • RoR is also considered as a predictable and stable backend framework for web applications.


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