The Best Tracking Tool Extensions for Magento in 2019

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The Best Magento Extensions For Tracking

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce solutions in the world with a superior edge over its competitors. This self-hosted and open-source e-commerce platform boasts a higher level of technical sophistication and large enterprise version. As basic web development knowledge is vital to use this platform, getting the help of expert Magento developers will prove beneficial while choosing this solution for your online store needs.

Diverse varieties of Magento Extensions are available in the Magento market to enable easy and convenient functional additions to the platform. With online retailers pinning higher hopes in 2019, it is better to keep updated about the most useful Magento Extensions. As for tracking customers, products, orders and shipping are in high demand in the e-commerce industry, we have sorted out the best Magneto Tracking Extensions to make it easy for you.

1. Track Order For Magento 2 by Appjetty

Track Order For Magento 2 allows customers to know the current status of their orders and provide them shipment tracking link with the order number and email address. This is a popular Magento Order Tracking extension that helps customers to track their consignments easily and accurately without signing in. There is no need to search in the shipment carriers’ website to track their order. They can view the shipment tracking link in “Track Order” page or in the email sent to them.

2. Bridge Batch Code by Bridge Global

Bridge Batch Code is a tracking tool to track customers based on a specific product purchased. Batch Code Magento extension enables you to create a batch code for products and search all customers and guests who have purchased the product with a given batch code. The module searches all orders in which a particular batch code involves. For the end user, it is all about an effective and easy way of handling and tracking the products. Also as a follow-up process, searching and reporting of products/orders will be an easy task with just a batch code in your hand.

3. Magento Order Tracking by MegaComp

This Magento Order Tracking tool helps customers track order shipment status easily from their My Account section. At the time of creating shipment from the backend, admin chooses a carrier and add tracking number for customers to track the order at any time. The extension provides information about order status, dispatch, and delivery in the easily understandable format.

4. Inactive Customer Tracking by Bridge-Global

Inactive Customer Tracking by Bridge-Global is a unique Magento tracking extension that enables e-commerce retailer to track their customers who had been active for a while and then showed no activity for a long period. Inactive Customer Tracking provides you with an interface in the admin section, with an option to select the time period of inactivity and a listing of corresponding customer contact information.

5. Magento Customer Tracker by By CodeCanyon

Magento Customer Tracker helps in tracking customer information and thereby customer behaviour. It helps you get information on URL referrer, browser, platform, user agent, etc. It is an easy-to-install and easily configurable extension with a highly sortable and searchable setting.

So, what’s your choice? All these Magento Extensions are sure to fulfil your tracking requirements in a wonderful way.

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