Progressive Web App for Business: How Do Big Brands Use PWAs?

What Is a Progressive Web App for Business?

  • Reliable: Loads immediately and does not display a website, even under unstable network circumstances.
  • Fast: Effortless response with sleek and flawless animations and without janky scrolling to each user interaction
  • Engaging: Delivers the feel of a traditional app but with an intuitive customer experience

How Do Brands Connect to Users with Progressive Web App for Business?

1. Better fulfillment of increasing consumer expectations

2. The native-like appeal

3. Less resources and cost reduction

4. Adaptive

The Best Examples of Progressive Web App for Businesses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Progressive Web App for Business.

Advantages of PWAs

  • Unlike native apps, progressive web apps only require less space in your phone for their functions which is why they download faster.
  • It has offline capabilities that do not lose any of the users’ essentials when their internet connection is severed while using, thereby benefiting conversions as well.
  • A progressive web app for business is cost-friendly in several ways when compared to apps. It doesn’t need to be developed based on OS/platforms, doesn’t have frequent updates, has zero new data downloads, and requires less time and money for development.
  • They can be easily found from search engine results, social media, etc., and don’t need you to depend on platform-specific application stores.

Disadvantages of a PWAs

  • Progressive web apps are majorly Android-based, meaning it is not possible for users with iOS’s Safari browser, or Microsoft’s IE, and Edge. Although it can be now accessed through newer browser versions of Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., future support is anticipated for other browsers soon.
  • Progressive web app for business only has selected support for device hardware and software. iOS doesn’t support PWA’s notification and home screen shortcuts. It can’t use GPS, fingerprint scanners, smartphone cameras, etc.
  • Users can have trust issues with PWAs because they are not available or appear in popular application stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store. This delegitimizes them as users cannot verify its authenticity, social evidence of apps with user reviews, etc. making the audience miss PWAs.
  • Innovative communication tech such as Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) is also not accessible by progressive web apps.

The Future of Progressive Web App for Business



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