My Journey of Becoming a Dedicated Software Developer for Spot On, Sweden

When I joined Bridge Global as a .NET developer, I was taking a big step in expanding my knowledge in a new direction. Allowing developers to learn new technologies on the job is a progressive attitude that many IT companies adopt. Bridge Global was no different. I was encouraged to focus beyond my expertise domain. As a person who loves to go outside the boundaries, I could not ask for more.

When SpotOn, the Swedish e-commerce expert, had become our client, I had the privilege to learn a new e-commerce platform that was completely alien to me.

They were in search of skilled .NET resources to handle their website development and that of their client. When they approached Bridge, we suggested them the concept of having a Distributed (remote) Team in India.

As the first step of creating an offshore development team, they wanted to begin with a single .Net software professional. So there I was, at the verge of becoming a dedicated developer for this awesome Swedish e-commerce expert!

How It Evolved into a Long-Term Collaboration

When Spot On approached us for the first time, one of their major challenges was getting developers who would willingly learn Litium, the e-commerce package for their project.

As against my fears, the learning process had been made hassle-free, thanks to the friendly approach of Spot On co-founders Niclas Frid, Fredrik Ritcher, and Andreas Engman and the whole team. The team at Sweden immensely supported during the initial struggle, which helped in building a better bonding between Spot On and Bridge. Our proven collaboration method and ‘we are one’ attitude of Spot On have helped us in making this collaboration a strong and long-lasting one.

The challenge was the limited documentation for Litium and Swedish forums. At that time, as it was an e-commerce platform that was predominantly used in Sweden, self-learning was the main approach to master the platform. As time went on, Spot On added more developers to the offshore pool.

Effective daily and weekly meeting, weekly feedback collection, and efficient corrective measures are helping the developers to grow both technically and professionally. There is always a solution whenever issues spring up. Onsite opportunities and client visits at periodic intervals are also working really well. It helps the bonding between developers at Bridge and Spot On to bloom.

Now the Distributed Team of Spot On has grown to a bigger team of developers and testers, each of them having their own story of comfortable and challenging professional growth with Spot On. All this speak of the deeper bond that Bridge shares with Spot On.

Working as an extended member of Spot On’s in-house team is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my professional life.

Read the Spot On Client Case.

Originally published at on July 24, 2019.

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