Magento Vs Shopify — A Quick Comparison

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You can’t ignore the importance of choosing the right eCommerce platform, if you want to make your online business highly profitable. As there are a puzzling variety of options in the market, it’s quite a task to choose the one that suits your business needs.

Here you will get a quick comparison of two of the most popular eCommerce platforms: Magento and Shopify.

Magento Highlights

Magento, written in PHP, is the most popular eCommerce software with a huge brand presence.

· It has a free (Community) and premium (Enterprise) version.

· The open source platform is free and is accessible from the public domain. It requires you to pay for your own hosting.

· It powers online retail sites of all sizes.

· It boasts feature-rich software.

· It has the potential to host up to 500,000 products on one site and can handle 80,000 orders per hour.

· Enables you to integrate 3rd party apps.

· Offers a wide number of free themes.

· More in-built multi-lingual support.

· Magento has a wide range of themes with Magento 2 allowing you to customize themes to suit your brand needs.

· Very strong Magento community which runs its module store (Magento Connect market place). It publishes a great deal of documentation online to help users to find solution to their queries.

· You will not have any query that goes unanswered. The huge database of user generated content will give simple explanation to what you are looking for.

· The available modules and integrations help users to cut down complications as well as development costs.

· Magento extensions and modules are easy and quick to install. They help in taking your store to the next level by beautifully synchronizing your website and physical store. These extensions help in easy conversion of sales and easy management of supply chain.

· Magento 2 offers two hosting options: Open source and Cloud. The former requires you to take care of hosting, while the latter allows you to choose from the various Magento hosting providers like, Nexcess, AlphaHosting, ZeroLag and a range of others. You can finalize a provider as per your budget plan.

· Magento is a perfect omnichannel solution that will give a seamlessly connected shopping experience to your customers.

· It is SEO-optimized with lots of SEO functionalities.

· It easily handles growth of product range and business complexity.

· Meganto is the best fit for tech-savvy store owners.

Magento boasts some big names like Nike, Paul Smith, Hermes, Agent Provocateur, Rosetta Stone, Olympus, Fred Perry, Ghiradelli etc.

Plenty of availability of apps and extensions make Magento a favourite option among millions of retailers. They are easy to install add-ons that will stretch your store’s functionality. These extensions help you to free up some of your time to put efforts on enhancing sales and revenue.

Shopify Highlights

Shopify is a proprietary platform that uses the coding language Liquid’.

· Shopify is a hosted shopping platform, where your store is hosted by them.

· Shopify is a purely eCommerce builder (you need to pay for it on a subscription basis)

· Easy-to-use online web store

· It has a majority of small and mid-sized businesses as customers.

· Shopify is user-friendly even for eCommerce newbies.

· Highly SEO-optimized

· Lots of free and paid apps

Shopify boasts some big names like Budweiser, WaterAid, The Economist, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors etc.


Your business needs should govern your decision to choose the right eCommerce platform. You should see to it that the platform you choose should be capable of evolving to meet the growing requirements of your online business.

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