Internship — Why Have We Decided To Give It A Shot?

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Have you ever wondered why organizations, both big and small, hire interns? Is it just to get hold of their smart future employees? Or, to give hands-on-experience to fresh graduates in a real-life corporate setting? Or, to get an extra set of hands that can help accomplish goals or finish projects? There are manifold reasons for a company to hire interns.

But, here I would like to consider why Bridge Global wants to give interns a shot. We are currently running a recruitment drive for fresh graduates and students. The response has been amazing so far, and we are very much excited to have a bunch of super-fresh blood in our office!

Why Bridge Internship?

Through our current internship program with stipend, we are aiming to give an impressive chance to students to ‘test drive’ their desired career in an exciting professional setting. It is a brilliant prospect to convert their internship into a full-time job.

But, is that all? There are some greater values and motives behind this initiative.

The Classy Purpose of Giving Back To The Community

Being a global provider of IT solutions to clients, we are usually keen on hiring highly-experienced professionals. But, as a socially-committed organization, we’ve been thinking about ways in which we can give back to the society where we belong. We have launched internship as an extraordinary prospect to enhance our community footprint.

Our initiative can be best described by quoting the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Corporate Objectives and Shared Values (1996). They have a lucid definition of their duty as the citizen of the region they belong: “To meet the obligations of good citizenship by making contributions to the community and to the institutions in our society which generate the environment in which we operate.”

Students in our community can derive great benefits: (a) as getting selected in campus placements is not everyone’s cup of tea, (b), and all colleges do not get placement offers from well-established companies

How Does Our Internship Program Help Our Community?

  • Great opportunity for students to get started, in addition to enhancing the local workforce as a whole.
  • Encourage local college graduates to stay within their region after graduation, and thereby stop brain drain.
  • Help educational institutions to make their academic programs responsive to the industry needs, by serving as a great connecting link between education and business.
  • Establish a valuable link between the business and the community, as the society/economy can benefit from inspired and skilled members.
  • Talented students from the community can get great exposure to a progressive corporate environment, vision and culture values.

A Quick Internship Flashback

Having interns in our office is not a novel thing for us. Bridge used to have interns from Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, and other European countries. They had been highly instrumental in shaping our progressive work culture.

To quote the words of Sofie Holmberg, one of our interns from Sweden: “I did my internship with Bridge for one year, September 2011- August 2012, and it was one of the best experience of my life. I learned and grew so much professionally but also personally by living in a new country which is also so different from all I know. Since my first day I felt like I was a part of the team and the Bridge family, and thanks to them I got to take responsibilities I’d never had before and build a professional network with IT companies in the region. If you like to challenge yourself and you are looking for adventures and experiences, something totally new and different, this is something for you. “

It is for the first time that we are hiring interns from India, one of the regions from which we are operating. We love the community that we belong to and we have an ardent desire to return a meaningful contribution. A quality pool of enthusiastic interns can definitely enhance our business as well.

Are you seriously toying with the idea of landing a dream internship with a world-leading IT company? Here is the link to register:; or send your resume to

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