Headache of Techies While Working From Home

At the outset, working from home sounds luxurious to some techies. They think they can have food at any time, have enough time to cook favourite dishes, time to spend with kids etc. But, I believe that they would think twice before saying ‘yes’ to working from home if they had tried it once. This is mainly because of the common issues and headaches they face while they stay at home and work.

Let’s discuss some of the problems faced by the techies while working from home.

1.Poor internet

Many of us are experiencing slower internet overall in this pandemic. This is because all are using their home internet which sucks the total internet provider’s internet frequency, which causes low internet speed.The low internet causes distractions while having meetings online. Their voice should be clear in online meetings. We can turn off the video in such situations. Some employees can’t bear the heavy internet lifting which is required for their profession.And it is very important to secure our internet or home wifi connection from misuse by outsiders for getting speed connection.

Tips: Make sure that your internet or home wifi connection is secured. The outsiders may misuse our internet by downloading movies or series or any other things and it leads to a slow down of our connection. There should be a backup connection like mobile internet connection. Mobile internet connection can save you from sudden internet failure.

2. Smaller screen in laptops

Many techies usually work with multiple screens for certain projects in their offices. While working from home, most of them are working with their own laptops or desktop computers. They may not have such multiple screens at home. They feel very difficult to work without multiple screens. This multiplies their job and they need to work over time to complete their daily tasks.

3.Body Pains

We are sitting in front of our system for a long time, it causes severe back pain. It’s mainly because most of us don’t have suitable office chairs or workstations in our home. Moreover, working from home usually leads to more work as we end up glued to our chairs. It is very hard to remember when to take a relevant break and when to stop the work. This is because of the remote meetings and discussions between the team and the confusions due to the lack of communications etc. This leads to over strain and pressure on us.

Tips:Take the eye from the monitor for 20 seconds in every 20 mins of continuous work. Set a reminder to take breaks on time. Walk for at least a minute in breaks or if you feel uncomfortable during work.

4.Lack of communication with teams

This is a common issue which is faced by every professional. Our total communications will be carried out via mail, chat or video conference while working from home. There is a high possibility of misunderstanding, and so we have to put more effort in communication while working from home. A small misunderstanding will lead to mistakes and waste of time and effort. Strong communication is the strength of a team.

Tips: Make sure that you stay connected with the team.Ask the team if you don’t understand or any confusions. As we follow a full-fledged agile work pattern in our company Bridge Global, we have stand ups every day and sprint meetings at fixed intervals. We discuss our task with the team and get suggestions from the team members. We clear any confusions or doubts before getting into the job. Read here to know how to stay agile while working from home.

5.Distractions from work

There may be a lot of distraction while at home when we are at work. TV shows, Music,Social media,pets etc will be the common distraction. These things may disturb our mind from working and will lose our concentration from work. Children in our home will also be among them. Children appearing in the camera while they are in video conference are usual while working from home.


Tips:We should have to choose a peaceful place in our home as a workplace. We should set up our workstation before getting into the job. Prepare the breakfast, lunch for the family and keep food for the pets as usual as you are going to the office while working from home. Using noise cancelling headphones is another solution while having a conference call.


Keeping a working environment in our home is more important. There may be a loneliness feel for some of them because of working from home for a while.We miss our funny chit chats in our office. There may be a lack of interactions between our colleagues which fed up with our work. There will be our colleagues in our office while we are stuck with any work and there will be a lot of helping hands there, but we have to communicate with them through the video/ calls to solve the problem. These led to feelings of loneliness and which made our work harder.

Tips: Take some time to talk with our colleagues or friends. Share them the problems and have some funny chit chats remotely. Stay connected with them always while at work.


If we are working from the office or home, We should give the results. There we can follow the tips to be more efficient while working from home and can be more productive at work. For those who think the work from home is simple, no, It is harder.We should reward those who give high productivity while working from home despite the above challenges. They will have the capability to be flexible in work and have to know how to make the working environment best.

About the Author :
Anoop K
Anoop is a Digital Marketing professional at Bridge Global. He is very passionate about learning new trends in digital marketing and he loves to read and write trending topics related to the technology world.




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We Are A Self-Organized Squad of IT Experts

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