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Handle Lockdown Stress with Yoga & Meditation

Working from home during the COVID lock-down is tough to deal as we miss being with colleagues in the same physical space. Staying active is a challenge as we move very little outside our house due to the disease threat. Under these circumstances, yoga is a great tool to manage stress and anxiety.

Yoga and Meditation have proved to be extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Here’re a few advantages of practicing yoga:

1. Increases Productivity

Many studies have proven that a little yoga in the morning, at night, or even during a lunch break can minimize stress and increase productivity. Practicing Yoga gets us into better moods, enabling us to be more focused on the present moment, and encouraging us to give ourselves a break.

Read to know some proven tips to work from home efficiently.

2. Relaxes stress

Mental and emotional stress can affect an employee’s health and productivity. Taking care of your body is extremely important to reduce stress. Yoga is very effective for stress relief because other than physical benefits, it encourages a good frame of mind and improves mindfulness.

3. Improves concentration and focus

Long meetings and stressful deadlines in work create mental clutter and consequently it stops you from making wise decisions and concentrating on tasks. Meditation or deep-breathing exercise regulates the oxygen flow in your blood, thus making you more alert and aware, which in turn helps you concentrate on your work.

Here’re some tips that help you stay super productive while at work.

4. Reduces Fatigue

Non-stop working leads to stress and fatigue. Practicing yoga involves standing up, stretching the body, and mindful meditation in between work. These help in increased blood circulation and in keeping breathing slow and controlled. The body becomes relaxed and energized at the same time.

5. Makes you feel positive

Yoga improves the blood flow to the brain cells and the muscles in the body. This automatically leads to better energy levels. It helps you to stay positive throughout the day mentally, physically and emotionally.

Some simple daily yoga postures are as below:

Spend at least 10 minutes daily and do minimum 3 simple Yogasanas suggested below and feel the difference. 1. Sukhasana (Easy Pose) 2. Balasana (Child’s pose) 3. Yogi Squat

Even after the lockdown, employers can encourage their employees to practice Yoga and Pranayama (meditation), for 15 minutes at the office premises.

Wrapping Up

As WFH becomes the ‘new normal’ for many professionals, it’s necessary to do justice to your body as you will be glued to your workstation most of the time. Get on to your feet and learn some Yoga and mediation techniques to stay healthy.

Sonia Rajesh
Sonia is an expert in event coordination and is currently tuning up her social media and digital marketing skills. She is a health freak and believes that the ultimate health of your mind and body can be achieved best by Yoga & meditation.

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