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Programmatic Advertising will be the future of Digital Advertising. Programmatic Advertising is the way of buying, selling, and optimizing digital campaigns automatically. It automates the ads using AI algorithms to target the audience.

Programmatic Advertising helps you to avoid unwanted negotiations which naturally happens in buying and selling ads. It is an AI technology-based system designed to efficiently target the audience, based on their behavior and the demographics at the right time.

Finding the real-time behavior of every individual will be a headache for every marketer. By using Programmatic Advertising we can individualize our campaigns. It opens the window to reach a wider audience with personalized messages.

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Let’s say a boy was browsing your site for sports shoes. With the programmatic advertising, you’ll know the price range of the shoe he considered. You can also extract other key information, such as:

* How did he arrive at your site?
* What is the age and behavior of the boy?
* Which sports shoes did other shoppers with similar behaviors purchase?
* What did he end up purchasing, if anything?
* Was he shopping on a mobile device?

The programmatic advertising answers the customers’ questions before they ask and the AI programmed technology automatically scans the change in the audience’s behaviour.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

RTB is an essential ingredient in Programmatic Advertising. RTB is an advertising inventory that refers to buying and selling online ad impressions through programmatic auctions. RTB allows buyers to offer individual impressions to a large number of sites at the same time. In this way buyers can target specific demographics accurately. RTB is beneficial to both advertisers and publishers. It allows advertisers to choose where their ad is going to be placed and it allows the publishers to continue ad targeting which helps in better conversion.

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How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

If anyone clicks on a website, it will show an advertising space that is configured for programmatic advertising. The page publisher will give an ad value for the auction in the marketplace and the page publisher will arrange an auction for the interested advertisers for the ad space.

There may be many advertisers participating in the auction and the page shows the ad of the advertiser who won the highest bid in the auction when the page loads by the customer. The auction will be completed within milliseconds because it is an automatic process that the maximum price advertisers are willing to bid for the ad space is already programmed in.

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How Does Programmatic Advertising Help in Digital Marketing?

Automation in digital marketing helps to make our marketing efficient and successful. AI programming helps to avoid human errors and there is no need to spend more time negotiating or filling out the forms with the publishers.

High Efficiency
In digital marketing, Programmatic Advertising is one of the effective platforms which provides highly qualified leads. It helps the marketer to use their budget effectively and also can save time and effort.

Better ROI
Programmatic Advertising is cheaper and can gain a high Rate Of Return (ROI) than traditional marketing. We don’t want to spend money on those who are not giving any priority to us. We can create an effective and cost-effective targeting with the help of the AI used in Programmatic advertising.

Effective Tracking
Programmatic Advertising provides complete transparency in tracking the audience. It is the most attractive thing in programmatic advertising that shows both the individual conversion value, category and number of conversions.

Reduce Ad Fraud
The attack of spamming bots is the major headache of every marketer in online advertising. We are wasting about 20% of our budget on bots. Programmatic Advertising platforms provide complete control over the publishers to the marketers to block the bots and other types of fraud with AI built capabilities. This helps us to save our budget and also provide the actual genuine traffic on the advertisement.


As I said earlier, Programmatic Advertising will be the future of digital marketing. Actually it is already here, because the arrival of Artificial intelligence and machine learning has opened up a new world in digital marketing. Every marketer is looking for new strategies day by day and making effective use of technologies as well. If you are not using programmatic advertising but are doing online advertising by spending a huge budget, it is prudent to use the advantages of programmatic advertising not to lose the money but to save.

Originally published at https://www.bridge-global.com on April 7, 2020.

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