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Another year has come and gone. It’s that time of the year when we take a quick review of the past 12 months. It has been a busy year at Bridge Global and we are happy to look back at 2019.

1. Partnership with Holland’s Investor Club

Being rooted in the Netherlands, partnering with Dutch clients and organizations is quite natural for us. We partnered with the Investor Club in Holland that “works together with companies, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions and fellow clubs to create more and better deals, increase awareness and make private capital more accessible”.

The collaboration between Bridge Global and Investor Club will enable us to share our knowledge, inform other European enterprises about our service models, and start collaborations that last.

2. Entry into the Indonesian Market

Bridge started operations in Indonesia with the mission of empowering Indonesian enterprises with innovative and Agile software solutions. We has some strong connections with this Southeast Asian nation. Our founder and the renowned distributed Agile specialist, Hugo Messer, created a huge Scrum (the most common Agile practice) adoption wave across Indonesian companies through Ekipa.

3. Our Service Model Gains Traction

We formulated the Idea to Product Guide as a unique service model. It is flavored with entrepreneurship and offers end-to-end guidance to start-ups to transform their digital product ideas into profitable businesses.

Besides offering all the benefits of our core service model of Distributed Agile Teams, it equips entrepreneurs with a highly motivated Product Owner and cross-functional team. We will roll out your MVP after clarifying the existing product vision, refining and validating the idea, and doing a logical product mapping.

Indonesian telecommunications conglomerate, Telkom, could get successful MVPs for a series of digital products in a short span of time. We could also help a leading grocery retail network based in India with an Enterprise Resource Planning prototype following the Idea to Product Guide service model.

4. Commitment to Scrum Practices Reaffirmed

As the year 2019 saw lots of new Bridgys to our family, it was essential for us to reinforce our commitment to Agile and Scrum practices. We conducted Scrum sessions to reinforce these values in each member. This would help us to remain as a software development provider who delivers value faster with greater quality and predictability, and with greater ability to respond to change.

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5. Digital Marketing as a Service

As we have a team of savvy digital marketers, we entered the arena of Digital Marketing as a Service in 2019. This step is to make it easy for our clients to get digital marketing solutions along with tailor-made software solutions. Our digital marketing strategists offer a suite of well-thought-out digital marketing services that turn consumer intent into conversions.

6. Client visits and onshore opportunities

Clients are the reason for our existence. They have made us a trustable and valuable brand. In-person interaction is a major factor that helps us build strong client relationships. So, no wonder we love whenever there are opportunities for client visits. We had a few clients who visited us in our office in 2019.

Meeting clients in their home turf is another exciting thing. Quite a few numbers of Bridgys had onsite visits in 2019 to Sweden. It was a golden opportunity to bond with their in-house team members whom they usually meet and chat through Skype and Google Chat.

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One of the Bridgys had written a blog on her onsite experience. It beautifully depicts our team’s experience of face-to-face meetings in a fun environment.

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7. TechWhizz — A series of tech learning sessions

We conduct events targeting the overall development of Bridgys and also extend these opportunities to techies beyond our four walls. TechWhizz is an annual tech learning session. We conducted 6 learning sessions under its banner throughout 2019. Thank you everyone for making it a thumping success.

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8. IT Futsal Challenge 2019

We conducted the 3rd season of the IT Futsal Challenge in April 2019. It was a 6-day sports extravaganza for techies in the region. The main goal of the Futsal competition is to create awareness about health through sports among IT professionals. Thank you, teams, for the tremendous participation and for making it a huge success.

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We also held an exhibition called Drop of Life along with the Futsal tournament. The space displayed posters and creative installations to spread awareness about the impending water crisis.

9. Our Top Ten Blogs

As our readers may have missed some of the top popular blog posts, we are happy to share a recap of some of the trending blogs that we published in 2019.

(a) Learn From Howard Behar: Excellent Tips on People First Leadership

We consider it as a chance of a lifetime as we could interview Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee Company and a renowned propagator of servant leadership. We published excerpts from the interview as a blog, and no wonder it has higher place in our top blogs of 2019 chart.

(b) How are Intelligent Apps Changing Our Daily Lives? Checkout 5 Great Examples!

A quick glance at some of the intelligent apps or AI-powered apps that revolutionize our lives.

© The Magic of a Single Integer Number to Contain Huge Information

A very informative blog that explains how we can effectively store huge pieces of information by consuming less space.

(d) Generate PDF Attachments in Dynamics 365 Using Microsoft Flow

It reveals an easy solution that helps to generate PDF attachments using Microsoft Flow. It explains helps to get the work done without coding.

(e) Tips to Improve MySQL Query Performance

The blog explains some of the most important and useful tips to improve MySQL Query for speed and performance.

(f) 5 Exciting Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2019

A very informative blog on the top IoT trends and predictions in 2019 on the background of tens of billions of data-emitting devices connected to the Internet.

(g) The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Programming Language for DevOps

It’s a great compilation of six top programming languages that align well with the common goals of DevOps.

(h) How Can Agile Be Used to Get and Maintain Compliance?

The blog by Ken Lynch, an enterprise software start-up veteran, discusses some of the best practices product owners need to follow to strike a balance between growth and compliance.

(i) How to Deliver Quality Software Faster with Definition of Done?

The blog discusses how to have a high quality software development and delivery process by killing Assumptions with Definition of Done (DoD).

(j) 6 Essential Steps to Integrate Security in Agile Software Development

The blog explores some of the essential steps to integrate security in Agile software development.


That’s a quick reflection of the past year. We look forward to working with you and treating you with infotainments in the years to come. Have a rocking 2020!

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