Java frameworks for web application development are the most favored option for several organizations — be it startups, SMEs, or large enterprises. Why? Because the allrounder Java provides numerous benefits for applications on Android, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud Computing projects. And when it comes to web application development, it is undoubtedly the best choice for any level of developers.

There are now millions of websites, including some big brands like Amazon, Google, eBay, and LinkedIn that use Java technology.

There are numerous Java frameworks available in the market, but not all of them offer the best solution for…

PWAs or progressive web app for business continue to receive steady investments from the technology industry. This innovative web solution is now highly prevalent due to its compatibility across popular browsers. The full-fledged support is offered by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, iOS, and more. Why? It ensures great progress and benefits to major business companies out there.

This full-blown support offered to progressive web apps is making big brands pledge towards its development to make the most out of its capabilities. …

The magnificent benefits of Magento development may be invisible to the rookie users. But these benefits are the reason that motivate a growing number of ecommerce business owners to choose Magento for ecommerce. And here, we are going to explore most of them.

Have you ever wondered why most of the online store owners go gaga over Magento development? It is mainly because of the realization that their incredible skills as ecommerce business owners will be helpful in skyrocketing the sales only if the platform on which they build their store cooperates with the business goal.

Magento is one such…

Backend frameworks play a pivotal role in application development for countless businesses across the world. However, finding the right framework for a particular project can be quite challenging. Especially due to the myriad options available. So, how do we go about it? Let’s find out!

Even if you are a newbie in web development, the least you would know is that web development is majorly classified into two facets: frontend development and backend development. And obviously, they both have their respective sets of tools, technologies, and website frameworks.

This article will help you navigate your way around backend web development…

Intelligent digital transformation is the upgraded and smarter avatar of digital transformation. It is capable of meeting the more dynamic expectation from customers and businesses. Let’s explore all about intelligent digital transformation.

In the digital world, the adage “adapt or face extinction” holds weight. Long-enduring businesses will need to let go of old beliefs and embrace new technologies. New startups and enterprises will need to make adaptability and change a part of their core strategy.

Is your fundamental company architecture rigid? Are you running an unwieldy, unreliable enterprise software system? Is your ecommerce platform performing a weakening influence on your…

How about catching on to some brilliant productivity tools that make your life much easier and your tasks efficient? Sounds great, right? In this blog, we are exploring 5 top software tools that maximize your productivity in no time!

Productivity should never be an accident. It is always the result of a dedication to excellence, intelligent planning, and persistent effort. Using technology and productivity software is the smartest way to be more productive at work. As times have become more competitive, it makes sense to take support from various productivity tools available on the market.

Lots of web apps and…

Staying current on the latest web design techniques and keeping an eye on the hottest web design tools are essential to build a more efficient website. We have compiled here the latest web design techniques and trends for your convenience. Explore them and make use of them to create an incredible impression on your prospective customers.

Web design is the main domain that people are now getting familiar with. Every application of a candidate has a tools section filled with Adobe, Canva, Beaver Builder and the like.

Web designing helps young minds build interpretation skills and become an expert. Plenty…

If you’ve reached here searching for ‘what is custom software development, you are perhaps confused about choosing between building software for your organization or off-the-shelf software. Let me start with a simple question.

Are you comfortable using things that aren’t made for you or meant for you? If not, custom software development is going to be your pick.

After reading this blog, you will be crystal clear about what is custom software development, how it is different from commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), and why you should invest in custom software development to reap competitive business advantages.

What is custom software development?

The word meaning of…

Business with an automated workflow can gain improved productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Many modern businesses are already on the path of automating most of their defined and repeatable activities. And how about empowering the non-technical business users with these automated or digital workflows? Yes, we are talking about automated workflow without coding and you are on your way to understand more about it in this blog.

Every single workplace follows a set of workflow protocols to maintain a level of production and efficiency. Back in the day, these workflows used to rely on stacks of papers, folders, and inter-office…

As we enter the second half of 2021, it is the right time to get better acquainted with the web development trends that have come to us since the beginning of the year. According to statistics, there are 1.8 billion websites on the Internet today, but most of us will never visit even 10 % of them. However, it is important to note that every site in the world contributes to the world of web development in some way.

Standards and trends in development sometimes change faster than the pace in which developers can manage to keep up with innovations…

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