8 Smarter Tips to Stay Productive at Work

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Whenever there is a discussion on how to improve productivity at work, we often hear advice like ‘work smarter’, ‘focus on what really matters’, etc. And what more, there is a range of productivity tools and apps that claim to make you a smarter employee.

Wondering how can we actually become super-efficient at work? Follow these 8 simple tips to be a smart and effective worker in your office.

1. Set tasks for each day
We have to set tasks before starting each day’s work. For that, you may use tools such as 1) sticky notes, 2) To-do list or/and 3) Task schedule app in mobiles. Make sure you will achieve the set goals at the end of the day. If you can’t attain the goals in the beginning, be patient. Continue setting reasonable tasks on a daily basis. As days pass, you will see changes and improvements in your work pattern enabling you to complete tasks before time and allowing you to add extra tasks as per the need.

2. Ensure you are on the right path
While getting busy with a particular task, you need to ensure that you are on the right track in solving a particular task. Maintain great working relationships with experienced colleagues and ask for their help to analyze whether you on the right track.

If you are stuck at any point it is either because of a lack of knowledge in that problem or you’ve actually taken the wrong path to solve it. In the former case, you can always study that particular task and solve it, and whereas in the latter case, proper contact with the experienced persons will give the right directions, and strategies to solve it.

3. Usage of time
Time is everything. The question is whether you use it in an effective way or not. One of our main issues at work is the inability to use our time effectively. You need to split 8 hours in the office into different time sections and allot a task for each section. Continue this procedure and after some days you’ll notice a significant change in your productivity.

4. Check your time spent on social media
Many employees waste so much time on social media sites in the office hours leading to bad productivity. Many of them are addicted to social sites craving to check for new updates every now and then. This leads to a lot of unproductive time. To solve this problem we need to set time for checking social sites. Better timings are hours before the actual working time, lunch break, and after working hours. So it will not affect our work time and will lead to better productivity.

5. Love your job
Loving your organization and what you are doing is the primary key to success in your career. If you are doing your job for your organization as a mere duty, it will not give you career growth. Try to understand what you are doing and what is the next level, and upgrade your skillsets accordingly.

6. Look for what you learn from doing a particular task
While doing a task, always analyze the new things that you learn. If you are doing the same job for months, try to master that particular task by acquiring all the information related to it. People with competent/specialized skills will always have an edge over people with generic knowledge about their tasks.

7. Learn while getting free time
Always find some time to upgrade your skills. It will not only impact your career positively but also encourage you to face new challenges. Improving your knowledge stock is not a speedy process; it needs patience and a good focus. Always read the latest news related to your stream. It will update you to the latest trends in the respective field.

8. Google as your teacher
We all are accustomed to doing Google searches in our office hours. Try to analyze what you are searching in a day. If you are using Google for online purchasing and similar activities, it will be a big misuse of your productive hours. The search engine gives information on your fingertips. But analyze how if we are using this information effectively, and how much time do we spend searching for information, and are we searching for information that upgrades us.

Take care to use Google as your teacher to improve your work-related knowledge or to upgrade your skillsets. Slay the temptation of Googling for fun.

These tips may sound simple but when put into practice they have the power to transform your career. If you’ve your own tips to be more productive at work, feel free to share them as comments.

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