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4 min readOct 31, 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science that thinks and responds like a human using the data and algorithms given to reduce the effort of the human. AI can analyze more data deeper and can give the results more accurate than humans.

AI is influencing our daily lives profoundly. For instance; we cannot imagine a day without our smartphone. That is because of the influence of AI in it. We have to depend on Voice Assistance, GPS, etc.

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With AI swaying its influence on all sectors of our lives, brands cannot stay ignorant about it. Every marketer is now innovating new strategies to make fruitful customer engagements. Digital Marketers have started implementing Artificial Intelligence to give better user customer experience.

Why AI is important in Digital Marketing

1. Marketing Automation to generate leads

Marketing Automation is an AI-powered application that helps the marketer to target the right audience to generate leads across digital media. It helps the marketers to do effective email blasting to a large number of audiences in a few steps, instead of sending emails one by one.

The online element of the campaign including the data analytics will be managed by the Marketing Automation Software. Marketing Automation helps the marketer to implement marketing strategies and automate the sales and marketing campaigns which will lead to maximum revenue.

There are several Marketing automation tools are available now. They are:

2. Helps in precisely understanding the customer behavior

Every marketer needs to understand the wants and needs of the customer. As a marketer, it is difficult to predict the behavior of the customer accurately. Humans have to analyze large data amounts of data from the web, existing databases, surveys, etc.

Deep Learning, a subset of AI technology, analyzes the data deeply in a pattern-by-pattern manner giving a more accurate result than humans. Humans have to analyze large data amounts of data from the web, existing databases, surveys, etc, which will consume more time. Nowadays it can be done without any human involvement.

3. Chatbots for easy and effective conversation

Chatbots (are also known as talkbots, chatterbots, etc.) are the AI programmed software that interacts with the customers like a human through voice, text, or both. They converse with the customers by giving intelligent answers without letting the customer know whether he/she is talking to a robot.

The booming mobile app economy and the development of technology are the main reasons behind the popularity of chatbots. Chatbots can be effectively used in both the inbound and outbound digital marketing efforts. We can add chatbots as an extension in our social media platforms to resolve our basic level of enquiries. As they are programmed for collecting data, we can understand the taste and preferences of the customer by analyzing these data.

4. Personalized web experiences

Web development and design are growing at a high rate focusing on strengthening user experiences. We all see the increase in the usage of mobile phones in accessing the web. Website developers have started switching to voice searches. Nowadays we can see some shopping websites that display products with the help of Virtual Reality (VR). It enables customers to know the exact look and quality of the product which leads to the actual purchase. Personalized web experience is the main advantage that customers get.

With the emergence of Natural Language (NL), the computer starts to generate the algorithms. NLP codings make web designing and development easier. AI can automate the task for us. For instance, it can record and update the database, find the problem and predict the solution, predict the result by self-analyzing big data, etc. It generates the content for the websites and will find out the bad content which affects the SEO.

5. Effective audience targeting

As marketers, we have to run ads instantly for our promotional activities. Targeting the right audience is an important and difficult task. AI comes here for our rescue. It is capable of analyzing a large collection of online advertising data and helps to reach the ads to the right audience.

The search engines know what the audience needs. This means that search engines also use AI technology. AI tracks user behavior by collecting data on the searches and enquiries. It understands the needs and wants of the customers. With these collected data, AI sorts the audience and makes our job simple.

6. Successful retargeting

Retargeting helps to reach the relevant messages to the prospective clients who are not converted. It engages the people who have already shown an interest in the product, so it gives a high return on investment (ROI). AI programming in retargeting helps marketers to target people automatically by analyzing the data. It helps marketers to target people based on their behavior like their purchase history, their activities, etc. It captures the fast-changing behavior of the customers using Deep Learning.

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AI is going to play a major role in Digital Marketing in this digital generation. By implementing AI technology in marketing, marketers get better customer experience, generate good content, and become competitive in the market. AI will be the future of digital marketing which combines efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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