Looking to Hire a Software Development Company? Check For These 6 Characters

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Self-Organised Agile Teams

Identifying and selecting the right custom software development company is undoubtedly a daunting task for many enterprises. A complete solution provider, who stands by you from concept to implementation through to support, besides integrating plans for future requirements can be a blessing. More than all these technical aspects, a fruitful collaboration will offer you complete peace of mind and confidence.

For the past 13 years, Bridge Global, the Netherlands-based software development company, has been in the forefront of offering creative software solutions to global businesses. But our distinctiveness lies not just in being a complete IT solutions partner, but the way in which we make IT collaborations across the globe smoother, meaningful and innovative.

How we fulfil your software requirements?

As we all know, getting the right team with the right skill-sets is an overwhelming affair. In some countries, especially in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and in other parts of Europe, it is exceedingly difficult to get experienced and proficient software developers at the right time and for the right duration. Cost factors may also pose some limitations. We solve this catch by extending IT teams comprising the right skill-sets to businesses located in all parts of the world irrespective of their locations.

Uniqueness of the teams we provide

Check out some of the unique characteristic features of the software teams:

1. Teams that embrace progressive attitude: Our teams are nurtured in a progressive setting to bring out the best. We take pride in our flat organisational structure with no or minimal layers of hierarchy. This helps us to have a naturally-evolved distributed leadership pattern, where each team member is a decision-making unit. Facilitators motivate and guide the teams. As each member is involved in the decision-making process, accountability and productivity increase.

2. Agile Distributed teams — The teams that we offer follow the distributed Agile model of working formulated by our founder Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and Agile coach. We focus on short release cycles, faster development, frequent and timely delivery, which in turn help our clients to have high ROI.

3. Self-organized teams: For many companies, self-organization is an easier to preach and difficult to practice concept. But we have successfully made this ideology a reality! We are a completely self-organized entity. Each member of the organization creatively responds to the needs and organizes around opportunities as and when they emerge. Our productivity and quality of work get a boost, as our agility improves through self-organization.

4. Customized, dedicated teams: The teams that we offer are tailor-made to the specific client requirements. They are dedicated to the client projects and are highly responsive to the changing requirements.

5. Highly scalable and adaptable teams: Clients can scale-up or scale-down the team size as per their changing requirements. We customize the team by adjusting team members, recruiting new members, providing support from high level architects etc. The client has complete involvement in the process of screening and selection. Clients can call the team ‘their own’ in all sense.

6. Seamless collaboration between offshore and onshore teams: Each of the team member is inducted well into a progressive Dutch culture from the time they join. This helps them to stay away from any kind of cultural barriers when they interact with their teammates sitting on the other part of the globe. We ensure at least 5 hours of time overlap between the offshore and in-house client teams. Besides, both the teams take offshore and onshore visits to interact and mingle with each other. All these help us in eliminating the geographical barrier completely.

Don’t you think this is a dream-come-true situation to have an expert IT team that is highly proactive, accountable and innovative? It is possible for all the organisations to shape their teams into a highly progressive pattern if they are ready to shed inhibitions and narrow mind-set.

We Are A Self-Organized Squad of IT Experts

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