5 Smart Tips to Hire the Best Python Developers

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7 min readFeb 21, 2022

Python developers are in huge demand. The reasons can be attributed not only to its popularity, but also to the capability of this language in offering solutions to diverse areas.

Python is a widely used language in the programming world. According to Statista, around 49% of programmers use Python as their main programming language and consider it a language that can be widely used for completing many tasks. It offers many smart solutions in various programming scenarios, from games to web applications. It is also named the most in-demand coding language for 2022.

Now, taking that into consideration, when we want to hire a Python programmer, our primary focus is to hire an experienced one or one of the best ones out there! Especially when you have to go through many applications and many candidates have similar experiences, it may become problematic at some point to distinguish who is the right candidate for you. Well, don’t worry a bit because, in this article, we will show you the top 5 tips you can use in your hiring strategies in order to hire the best Python developers out there.

Let’s dive right in!

Top 5 tips for hiring expert Python developers

Many enterprises and technology firms are hunting for Python developers to manage their Python software development projects smartly and efficiently. Global companies are using Python to help them push the boundaries of emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, NLP, ML, etc.) to run critical operations.

With the following tips, you will realize hiring Python programmers is not a herculean task as you imagined.

1. Create an attractive job offer

Software developers might have offers coming to them from left and right, so they are respected individuals and respect the time and effort they put out each day. Hence, they won’t be fond of wasting their time dealing with unattractive job offers that don’t fit their criteria. What can you do about this? You can start setting up ads and even altering your job description. Focus on what makes Python developers more interested and what they think makes your offer stand out. For example, here are some things you can include in your job offer:

  • An excellent salary offer
  • Team size
  • Specific requirements
  • Recent technological innovations your company has undergone
  • Your business goals and mission
  • Projects that will be given to them, and more

2. Use a Python coding test

A Python coding test is an excellent way of assessing a candidate’s abilities to use Python. Even though this test is essential and identifies if developers have the required skills in Python or not, it’s still essential when screening out candidates that aren’t fit for them.

The test uses short and straightforward coding tasks with entry-level algorithms. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, where coding tasks are usually evaluated by using test cases, which allows the candidate to identify if they are on the right path or not.

Furthermore, the Python coding test assesses the essential skills of candidates; however, if you wish to give your candidates a more advanced challenge, then you can consider using an advanced Python coding test or debugging test.

It’s always good to combine all forms of tests that evaluate analytical and numerical skills of Python programmers.

3. Use outsourcing

If you still find it hard to hire Python developers, you can consider starting to work with an outsourcing company. These types of companies have many skilled Python programmers that’ll help you find the right fit for your company.

According to a study by Next Technology professionals, 53% of companies in Europe claimed that they had a very difficult time recruiting anyone that works in the IT industry. With these numbers, you see how difficult it can be to hire anyone from the IT industry, that accounts for Python developers too.

Outsourcing solves this issue by allowing you to not hire an entire team in order to cooperate with an organization. Furthermore, there are plenty of outsourcing options that you may use, including staff augmentation, body leasing, and much more that’ll fit your company’s needs.

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Outsourcing benefits

There are several benefits that come along with outsourcing and here are the main ones:

  • Cost reduction: It is a huge advantage for your company and that is what outsourcing is best at doing. Outsourcing Python developers will help you in being more comfortable giving out salaries to your new Python developers because of the great amount of money you have saved.
  • Saves time: Due to a skill shortage in the IT industry, it becomes even more difficult for us to hire the top Python developers out there. Sometimes, it may take you months of searching and in the end, you may not even find the right candidate. You don’t want that to happen. Well, outsourcing provides a solution to this as it doesn’t waste time on long sourcing and recruiting. So, when you hire an outsourcing company, they’ll offer you the best out there, without you having to waste your valuable time and energy doing so.
  • Flexibility: Outsourcing helps you manage IT tasks and greatly reduces your workload when hiring. You don’t worry about recruiting, firing, and employing in-house people, the outsourcing company takes care of everything.
  • Experience: Outsourcing companies aren’t amateurs. They have been in this business for a while and are well experienced in what they are doing in their industry. Moreover, they continuously bring innovations and continuously solve issues regarding software, hardware, and systems. They work with many clients and have in-detail experiences. Therefore, they can quickly address any issues that may arise during the hiring process. In short, you don’t have to deal with the problems in your company, the outsourcing company will remove these irregularities quickly!

4. Offer an excellent salary range

Categories that developers will pay lots of attention to are salary and technological innovations. The best Python developers out there don’t like to work for an average salary and for companies that are not growth-oriented.

Most Python developers won’t be sticking to the same job because of low salary offers that don’t fit with their expertise. So guess what? If you fail to offer an acceptable salary range, you’ll be on the lookout for a Python developer all the time.

In short, you need to offer more than competitors and stand out from the rest. If your rate is attractive, you’ll also attract great Python developers. After all, they are working for money too.

And what will happen if you push your limits with high salary ranges. Well, you can always consider looking in other countries. After all, remote work is a trend now, and especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has increased globally.

For example, you might be living in the UK and are looking for an experienced Python developer. Maybe you might find a more experienced one in another country like India with a lower average salary that asks for less than in the UK. The differences are significant as they can always help you increase productivity and lower your expenses when hiring professionals.

5. Define your Python software development project

Projects are another vital factor associated with Python developers’ motivation and enthusiasm to work towards achieving their goals. Hence, the projects they work on have a lot of meaning to their work and career.

It’s important you define what your company is working towards. Is it creating an application that is going to bring huge innovations? Or is it something that might include improving the life of your clients?

The best Python developers have the adequate skills to bring significant innovations in their work and can create advanced technologies associated with AI.

So overall, you must tell them what you are working towards. You have to think big, and then the best will join you. Otherwise, if your project isn’t worth it, many Python developers will have to think twice about whether they should join your team or not.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about everything on five tips to hire the best Python developers. Hopefully, now, you have enough ideas of what you can consider doing in order to hire a long-term expert team of Python developers.

Please consider what your business can offer to the people you are hiring, be it project-wise or financially, and make sure that you can assess their skills before hiring them. After all, you don’t want to waste time hiring people all the time.

Even though Python is a widely-used programming language, there is still a gap in how many programmers actually know this open-source programming language very well. You must see who has the potential and uniqueness to join your team and ensure that they see your job opening as a unique opportunity to skyrocket their career.

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