5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Distributed Agile Team

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If you believe that talent is global, getting your work done is as easy as pie, no matter where you are located. This holds true in the case of digital-first jobs like software engineers, data scientists, digital marketers, content creators, etc.

Many big and small businesses, start-ups, and enterprises are realizing the potential of distributed software development projects thanks to the diverse benefits they offer. If you are excited about having a global team of developers to grow your business through innovative software solutions, this article is for you.

The Focus Here Is…

Here, I will be focussing more on outsourced teams that work as the extended arms of the main project planners. They will have their software development done by the outsourced team sitting on the opposite side of the globe. There will be a mix of colocation (outsourced teams sitting together in the state-of-the-art physical office of the outsourcing partner) as well as remoteness (as the client’s in-house team sits in a different location). It’s also possible that some outsourced team members may sit in other locations as well (but they frequently meet together).

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Though there is a geographical distribution between both the teams, an efficient and experienced software development partner can smartly blur the cultural, geographical, and time zone boundaries.

And what about these Distributed Teams being Agile? It’s the real cherry on top. Isn’t it? The process of making a distributed team Agile is hard work, and we have effectively done it. “All you need to know while making your remote team agile” throws essential light on implementing agility in a distributed/remote team model.

If you have already reached a decision to outsource your software development, check out these 7 key questions you should ask a potential software development partner.

Let’s see why you need to hire a Distributed Agile Team.

1. A great model to face uncertainties

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened up many new opportunities for businesses to scale and stabilize. Hiring a global team of software talents is one such opportunity. The rapidly changing business climate poses plenty of challenges and one such challenge is the need to focus on what matters.

Outsourcing time-consuming tasks to a distributed agile team is a remarkable thing to do. It will reduce the risks involved with hiring, turnover, layoffs, and re-hiring. You can get on-demand software skills to achieve your business goal and can dedicate your valuable time to your core competencies.

2. You can’t find all the talent in one place

You want to work with someone with special tech skills. But you can’t find that talent locally. Looking beyond your geographic border is the best way to find the best-fit talents.

Building in-office software teams is not an ideal way to solve your software challenges. Specialized talents are scattered across the globe. Organize them as a distributed agile team and get the most amazing software solutions delivered. Contact the right software outsourcing company and ensure that the teammates collaborate without any cultural and time-zone barriers.

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3. You are unable to meet flexible skill requirements

Distributed software teams are often cited as a perfect mix of flexibility, scalability, and ability. It’s quite natural that your project involves diverse tech skills of varying degrees of expertise. You can’t dedicate lots of time searching for the perfect hires and take care of the ever-changing skill requirements.

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You have a business to focus on. Therefore it is the best option to transfer this responsibility to a reliable software development partner who will efficiently take care of your volatile requirements. The outsourcing partner will offer you the best distributed agile team that is obtained from their experienced talent pool. It’s great if you can get a cross-functional team that takes care of all the skill needs of the project.

4. You don’t have time for team/infrastructure management

You have a software project running in full swing with your in-house teammates. But suddenly, you meet with difficulty in finding skilled experts. You hire an extended team of software experts to help you move forward with the project on time. But, you don’t have the time to invest in team management/infrastructure management.

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You are going to succeed only if you team up with an experienced and trustworthy software development company that ensures easy scalability, hassle-free team management, and guaranteed performance. An efficient outsourcing partner will have a time-tested collaboration process to ensure that the project is on track by removing all the blockers.

5. You are still in an Agile transformation stage and needs someone to guide you

Being quick in responding to changes in the market place is a virtue without any dispute. This virtue is called agility and no wonder every organization is striving to be agile! Pulling off an agile transformation is a great challenge for many organizations. They struggle hard to make their teams agile as they don’t have the practical experience to train them.

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But partnering with an agile software development partner can be a cool attempt. The distributed agile team that you outsource to work as your extended teammates can deliver great lessons on agility. You can observe the team’s agile practices and your in-house teams can stay benefitted.

How about teaming up with a great partner who is a veteran in embracing agility in all their operations? If this sounds exciting, let’s talk.

Wrapping Up

The world is embracing a truly distributed global team. It is indeed the most flexible and scalable way to establish continuous delivery. This holds true especially in this pandemic-affected world where lockdown of varying degrees is the ‘new normal’. A large collocated team will be a luxury now. Combining the benefits of both collocated and distributed teams is the need of the hour.

Want to put together a motivated team of smart software professionals who work towards a common goal? Reach us to know more about our 15+ years of experience as the most dependable software development partner to clients around the globe.

Originally published at https://www.bridge-global.com on August 7, 2020.

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