5 Great Qualities of Mobile App Developers That Will Benefit Your Business

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Great qualities that make a mobile app developer dependable

What image does the term ‘mobile app developer’ bring to your mind? I am sure that a whole lot of stereotypical presumptions will definitely flood our minds such as team player, technology enthusiast, passionate about the job, quick learner etc.

But, what qualities make a mobile app developer really great at his task? Or in other words, what kind of developers are preferred by a good mobile app development company to execute their mobile app development services in valuable ways.

Qualities That Make a Mobile App Developer Highly Productive

There are a string of qualities that make an app developer great, who constantly garner appreciation from his/her clients. Let’s have a quick look at some of these.

1. Self-Starter

This a quality that is gravely missing in many of the techies. A mobile app developer may be adept in his programming and coding abilities. But if he lacks the enthusiasm to carry the task forward in a self-initiated manner, it’s a great setback for the company as well as the client. Clients are always looking for a team of developers who can voluntarily own tasks other than just executing the assigned tasks.

Guiding your team of developers into a self-organized mode of functioning can be hugely beneficial. Bridge Global has effectively achieved self-organization by grooming all mobile app developers in a progressive setting, wherein everyone proactively takes tasks without waiting for anyone to assign them.

2. Agility

Being an Agile mobile developer is hugely beneficial as agility brings with it a host of productive advantages. Adopting Agile methodology for mobile development services works well if the team functions in a self-organized and collaborative environ. As we have integrated a perfect self-organized work pattern, we have found it pretty easy in boosting our agility.

We strictly abide with the distributed Agile model of working formulated by our founder Hugo Messer, the renowned Dutch entrepreneur and Agile coach. Our Agile mobile app developers focus on short release cycles, faster development, frequent and timely delivery.

3. Collaborative attitude

Being a team player in all respects is an essential attributed expected in a mobile app developer. He/she should be ready to gel well with the team and work along with perfect collaboration. As we offer remote teams to empower the in-house team of our global clients, we follow a proven methodology of collaboration that ensures zero cultural and geographic barriers. Daily stand-ups, periodic offshore and onshore visits, effective time-overlap between teams sitting in different time-zones etc. help us to nullify the cultural barriers between the distributed and in-house teams.

4. Flexibility

The ability to be adaptable as per the changing client requirements is of great significance. A talented mobile app developer will be an expert professional who understands and gel well with the client’s business needs that may change frequently. We ensure that our team has maximum flexibility in terms number and calibre. We offer scalable tailor-made teams by adjusting team members, hiring new members, providing support from high-level architects etc.

5. Technical proficiency

This attribute is the most important one most of the mobile app development companies focus on. Developers with proficiency in upcoming and popular technology areas are in high demand. Our cross-functional team of mobile app developers have expertise in iOS, Android and Hybrid Mobile app development. They have the technical dexterity to create a mobile app that is compatible with a range of mobile devices. Our mobile app development services span enterprise, business (including specialized industries) and productivity app markets.


There is no doubt that a mobile app is a great idea for any business. The positive benefits that a mobile app can bring to any businesses make mobile app development a lucrative business arena. Therefore, mobile app developers who can create a user-friendly and highly-functional android, iOS and hybrid mobile applications are a great addition to a mobile app development company.

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