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With many misconceptions about what brand building is all about, no wonder many businesses fail in their attempts to attract more potential customers or to turn them into loyal ones.

Many believe that the very essence of the process is building brand awareness, increasing brand exposure, and communicating with the audience. However, branding is much more than that — it is a process of adding authentic value to your customers, and it encompasses everything your customers think, feel, and experience about your business.

Even though it sometimes seems that branding is a privilege of the big and powerful, the truth is different.
Small businesses depend even more on their public perception and recognition, as 59% of the customers prefer to purchase from brands that they’re familiar with.

Here are five surefire techniques you can use to attract more customers, create an effective brand identity, and make them love your brand.

1. Understand Your Customers

All of your marketing and branding efforts begin and end at the same point — your customers.

To attract the right target audience with your campaigns, every message, and offer you deliver needs to match their expectations. This can’t be achieved if we don’t have a clear idea about who exactly our potential customers are, as well as what they need and want so that we can provide them with excellent customer experience.

Use all the data you have about your customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, habits, and pain points. There are many predictive-analysis tools that you can use to gather and analyze transactional and behavioral information about your customers and make sure your offers and the content you produce are aligned with their needs.

It’s even better if you leverage all that information to anticipate what your potential customers want and need.
Without thorough research and data-based understanding of your customers, your branding and marketing efforts are nothing more than a wild guess.

2. Understand Your UVP

A deeper understanding of your target customers is essential for crafting your branding campaigns, but another factor you need to be very clear about is your unique value proposition (UVP).

Your unique value proposition is a clear expression of the advantage your business offers over others, that is, your competition. It’s what makes your business different from your competitors when it comes to addressing your customers’ needs and pain points.

To define it, think about the following:

● Are you addressing the audience in a specific geographic area?
● Is your brand specializing in clients that have the same traits?
● Are you offering a specific service no one else offers?

As long as these differentiators are relevant to your potential customers, you can combine them, and attract well-targeted customer groups, establishing an even better position in the market.

3. Be Consistent With Your Brand Identity

To attract more customers with your branding campaigns, you need to ensure that your branding efforts are aligned with your brand identity. This means being consistent across all your touchpoints with your customers.

Understand that your brand identity is much more than the logo and other visuals you use to promote your business. Apart from the visuals, it includes the mission and the values of your business, your brand’s personality — its tone and voice, taglines. And, even more importantly, customer experience.

The best way to enable consistency across channels is by creating a brand style guide that would cover all these essential topics, ensuring that all your customers have the same experience no matter how you reach them — via your website, email, social or print media.

4. Excel With Your Content

In the age of digital marketing, your branding efforts need to be an essential part of all your other marketing efforts.

To reach your customers and attract more prospects, you need to craft all sorts of content they will find relevant and useful. The content can become something that you’ll be recognized by.

Start with your website, and ensure it matches your brand identity in its visuals, tone, and voice. Use SEO on your website to make it easily discoverable for your target audience. If you optimize your content for search engines, your potential visitors will be able to easily find what they’re looking for, which is great for overall user experience and rankings. Read to discover some useful tips to formulate an effective SEO strategy in 2020.

If you already don’t have a blog, now is a perfect time to start it and offer your website visitors top-notch educational content that will attract them to your website. If you post high-quality content consistently and give them something worth their time that will educate, inform, or entertain them, they will be more likely to stick longer or come back for more.

The content you post on your social media should be branded and of high-quality too because that’s the only way to engage your customers with your brand.

5. Form Meaningful Relationships

To attract customers to your brand and turn them into your brand ambassadors, try to be attentive to their needs and invested in building long-term relationships based on trust.

You can achieve this by delivering only the content and the offers that match their needs and interests, based on their previous purchases or browsing behavior. Product recommendations or personalized discounts or incentives are just some of the examples that you should implement.

AI-powered conversational chatbots can help you deliver personalized content to each one of your customers in an automated but human-like way, while at the same time staying true to the tone and voice of your brand personality.

By using these effective branding techniques, your target audience will not only learn more about your brand, but they will also start loving it.

Originally published at https://www.bridge-global.com on July 15, 2020.